So who am I again?

I’m Natalie Houtioudi and this is the little part of the web that i like to call my own.

So who am I?

Born in Rotherham, raised on the Greek Island of Kos, and now studying and living in Dundee! ” The sunniest city in Scotland ” !

I am currently a full-time student  in Fourth Year of Interior and Environmental Design,  at the Duncan of Jordanstone College of Art and Design ( DJCAD).

I have previously completed 2 years of Architecture at Dundee University and then later transferred into the I.E.D. course.

But not all my life revolves around Design. Other hobbies include Scuba-Diving, Body-surfing, Hiking and Climbing.

Everything that interests me ( excluding some YouTube videos of funny cats) is posted on my blog so i can keep track of it all and maybe even inspire people with it.

So Enjoy!


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